Humor and disAbility

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I once had a friend that used to always say to me “Emily, it’s not that serious.”  I used to take EVERYTHING seriously, and it hindered my progress in getting better.  Now, I realize that sometimes, you need to learn to laugh at yourself.  Levity, even in difficult situations, makes life so much easier.  I am not saying that one should mock their disAbility.  But, learning to laugh at yourself is a positive thing. 

Once I was able to relax and laugh, things got a lot simpler in my life.  Laughter brings people together, while misery is very devisive.  When I could laugh with family and friends about some of the situations that I found myself in as a result of Bipolar disorder, it brought my family together, and made them feel more comfortable.  I remember, for example, my dad remarking that I had gone through so many therapists because I used to “have them for dinner.”  What he meant is that I could see through people very easily, and as a result, would not give them a fair chance at helping me.  When I developed a sense of humor about this, I actually found it quite funny, and also became more open to allowing a therapist to help me. 

When you are dealing with a child with a disAbility, it is so important to employ levity.  Tickle them.  Teach them to laugh at themselves.  Encourage a sense of humor about things.  This will lead to a more positive attitude for them, and less stress for you. 

Be Well
~ Emily

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