On the importance of fathers…

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Studies have shown that children that grow up without fathers often have more struggles with their mental health.  Take a look at the following statistics:  Growing up without a father puts youth at risk 63% of youth who complete suicide are from homes without resident fathers 85% of children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from […]

Truly Inspirational: Sunny Algoso

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At my conference in Washington DC, I got to meet some truly inspirational Consumers who were doing some great things.  I wanted to share with you one person who really stood out to me.  Her name is Sunny Algoso.  Sunny is from Hawaii (aren’t we jealous?).  She is a Consumer doing great things with her […]

Speaking for Princeton DBSA

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Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Princeton Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.  This was a great experience for me.  I love when people ask me good questions, and Princeton, you did NOT disappoint.  Some of the best questions that I got were:1. What is the single most important […]

Training in Washington DC

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Hello from DC!  I am here for a very exciting training. You see, the Mental Health Association in New Jersey was one of the recipients of SAMHSA’s Mental Health Transformation Grant.  This grant gave money to Peer Leaders to develop better mental health programs across the country that are Consumer-Driven, or lead with people in […]

The Kid Mental Health Screening Controversy

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A huge debate has sprung up regarding whether or not children and teens should be screened for mental health conditions.  The controversy seems to have really taken center stage since Teenscreen, a Columbia University program that screens young people for mental health conditions came under scrutiny.  Critics claim that the program is connected to the drug industry, […]